Scientist for the Biological R&D Department

Job Short description:

Research, Development, and Improvement of Biologicals.

What will be your day-to-day role?

You will have to take the leadership of research and development projects:

Perform experimental design and create workplans for the project.

Analyze results and review with team members.

Work under the implemented quality control system in the laboratory.

Synthesize and track project progress information.

Work with and coordinate the project team members, departments or external collaborators to identify/ anticipate delays and secure project progress.

Pro-actively monitor project performance.

Technical communication for internal and external reports and presentations.

Accept leadership roles for life cycle management projects.

What personal skills will you have to master?

Highly organized, good planner, self-motivated and able to work easily with cross-functional groups (sales, marketing, regulatory affairs)

Adaptive communication style to different levels of the organization, from auxiliary staff to high level managers.

Ability to maintain a work environment that promotes learning, respect, open communication, collaboration and teamwork.

What educational background is requested?

University degree in Biotechnology, (Bio)Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Veterinary Science, Health Sciences or similar.

Languages: Spanish and fluent English (C1).

Specific knowledge:

– Microbiology/Biotechnology.

– Industrial fermentation and scale up

– Nucleic acid-related and proteomic techniques

– Recombinant protein production and purification.

– Bioinformatics.

Please mention this vacancy specification in your message subject:  “Scientist Biological R&D”


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