Digital Veterinary Summit

25 August, 2020 to 27 August, 2020

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The animal health ecosystem is going through a digital transformation, as disruptive tools reshape the way we think about the prevention and prediction of disease. Innovators are disrupting the industry with digital solutions that have the capacity to enhance on-farm productivity, maximize profitability and improve efficiency. On the companion animal side, the ‘millenialization’ of pet ownership has resulted in a demand for digital solutions that directly connect the pet owner with the clinic. With 30% of pet owners not visiting vet clinics, practitioners are being forced to adopt solutions that are designed to improve the pet-owner/vet relationship and tackle the longstanding issue of compliance.

The Digital Veterinary Global Summit will bring together over 150 executives from across the animal health and veterinary industry, to examine the sector’s digital trends and dynamics, and showcase some of the most exciting new technologies.

Our focus will be across three key areas – digital and tech solutions for pet owners, precision livestock management systems and digital technology for veterinary practice.

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