Media library

We provide users and more particularly journalists and the press with a series of graphic documents, photos and videos. We offer free use of these documents under certain conditions:

  • The user must mention the source of the document using copyrights – © Laboratorios Syva.
  • Anyone wishing to use these documents in a print, audio-visual publication or website must indicate the source of them in their publication or website
  • The user will take care not to use this material in an inappropriate context which could be considered insulting, degrading or defamatory.
  • The user may not modify the images beyond simple cropping or recover parts of the images without the prior agreement of Syva.
  • The material of this media library may in no case be used by third parties for commercial purposes.
  • Finally, we invite you to regularly consult our media library to find the latest updates available.

If you have any questions about the use of the material in this media library or you do not find the information you want there, you can send your request via our contact form.

Additional information and material