Meaningful solutions for animal health

The first international jury in the history of the Syva Prize has chosen the 3 winning theses of the 27th edition.

Completing a PhD is an important achievement in the life of a young researcher. Winning the “prestigious” Syva Award is an additional encouragement, adding another dimension to this long and difficult research journey. For 27 years, the Syva Award has been rewarding the work of young doctoral students submitting their theses in the field of animal health, regularly increasing its prize money and underlining its commitment to research, science and the spreading of knowledge in this field.

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Discover Syva in brief

Contract manufacturing

We have 80 years experience in the development, registration and manufacturing of vaccines and antibiotics. We own three manufacturing sites in Spain. In our facilities we have the capacity to execute Contract Manufacturing projects. We offer you technical, regulatory and scientific support during all phases.

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We are present all over the world

Syva not only serves the Spanish market, but also the international market through 3 subsidiaries (Portugal, Mexico and Turkey) and a network of distributors in more than 60 countries around the world.

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Develop your talent with Syva

At Syva, we are looking for dynamic talents who share our values and want to support our mission, namely: «Provide meaningful solutions for our customers.»

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Social Responsibility

Animal welfare

Farm animals are essential to the society, providing food (milk, eggs, meat) to billions of people around the world. For this reason, farm animals deserve the highest standards of well-being.

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Commitment to the environment

True to our values, we want to develop our activities while improving the conditions of occupational safety and with the minimum possible impact on the environment.

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Responsible use of antibiotics

We encourage vets to prescribe antimicrobials “as little as possible, as much as necessary” respecting responsible use principles.

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Our commitment to quality

We make no concessions in terms of quality. Our customers trust us for the quality of our products and services, which is guaranteed by strict internal controls and external audits.

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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are powerful drivers of progress and growth. At Syva, we build an environment conducive to the development of our values of result orientation, trust, initiative and collaboration.

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Connected to shared values

Syva is an active member of Veterindustria and AnimalhealthEurope, two associations in which it shares the common values of sustainable contribution to public and animal health.

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