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Vaccine against bacterial anthrax as suspension for injection

1. Warning

The information available on this page complies with the legislation and texts in vigour in Spain. For all other countries, please refer to the specific local information or contact our Export Department for more information.

*The content of this page is purely informative. For a correct use of the products, please refer to the indications in the Summary of product characteristics..

Quick product information

Active ingredient(s)Route of administrationWaiting timePackaging

Live attenuated bacillus anthracis, strain Sterne 34F2

Subcutaneous route

Zero days

50 mL (25 doses)

100 mL (50 doses)

250 mL (125 doses)

Country Availability

Lebanon, Mexico, Spain.

If your country is not listed, please contact our export team.


Active ingredient(s)

Live attenuated bacillus anthracis, strain sterne 34F2……………………………………………………..0,5-1 x 10^7 spores


For active immunization of bovine and ovine livestock against bacterial anthrax caused by Bacillus anthracis.
Immunity is acquired at 3 weeks from vaccination and maintained for 1 year.

Special precautions

The vaccine may be pathogenic to humans.


Bovine: 2 mL/animal.

Ovine: 1 mL/animal.

First vaccination: From 3 months old.

Revaccination: Annually except in endemic areas in which revaccination should be every 6 months.

Waiting time

Zero days.


Container with 50 mL.

With veterinary prescription.

Registry no.: 2857 ESP