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Facilpart® 10 I.U./ml

Oxytocic as solution for injection

1. Warning

The information available on this page complies with the legislation and texts in vigour in Spain. For all other countries, please refer to the specific local information or contact our Export Department for more information.

*The content of this page is purely informative. For a correct use of the products, please refer to the indications in the Summary of product characteristics..

Quick product information

Active ingredient(s)Route of administrationWaiting timePackaging


Intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous administration

Meat: zero days Milk: zero hours

10 ml

100 ml

250 ml

Country Availability

Chile, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey.

If your country is not listed, please contact our export team.


Active ingredient(s)

Oxytocin (synthetic). …………………………………………………………………………………………………..10 IUml


Cows, sheep, goats, pigs, mares, bitches and cats:
Induction of labour.
Uterine inertia or atony.
Uterine involution after caesareans and reduction of bleeding.
Passage of the placenta and remainder of exudate after the birth.
Chronic pyometra and endometritis to pass exudate.
Treatment coadjuvant to antibiotic treatment of acute and chronic mastitis, to pass exudate and facilitate drainage.
Start of lactation after birth.
Agalactia in female pigs.


Do not use in case of:
– Dystocia due to abnormal fetal presentation, pelvic-fetal disproportion or any other type of dystocia
of mechanical obstruction.
– Cardiovascular diseases.
– Predisposition to uterine rupture.
– When there is no dilatation of the cervix (in induction of labour).



Obstetrics: 7.50-10 ml/cow.

Milk let-down: 2 ml/cow.

Pigs, sheep and goats:

Obstetrics: 3-5 ml/animal.

Lacteal ejection: 0.50-2 ml/animal.


Obstetrics: 7.50-15 ml/mare.

Lacteal ejection: 1-2 ml/mare.


Obstetrics: 0.50-2.50 ml/bitch.

Lacteal ejection: 0.20-1 ml/bitch.


Obstetrics: 0.50-1 ml/cat.

Lacteal ejection: 0.10-1 ml/cat.

Administration can be repeated every 30 minutes, if the clinician deems this necessary.

Waiting time

Meat: Zero days.

Milk: Zero days.


Containers with 10, 100 and 250 ml.

With veterinary prescription.

Registry no.: 528 ESP