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 Antibacterial - antiseptic

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Pederol aerosol

Antibacterial and antiseptic cutaneous spray

1. Warning

The information available on this page complies with the legislation and texts in vigour in Spain. For all other countries, please refer to the specific local information or contact our Export Department for more information.

*The content of this page is purely informative. For a correct use of the products, please refer to the indications in the Summary of product characteristics..

Quick product information

Active ingredient(s)Route of administrationWaiting timePackaging

Chlortetracycline hydrochloride

Cutaneous use

Meat: zero days Milk: zero hours Do not apply the medicinal product to udders if the milk is intended for human consumption.

335 ml

Country Availability

Algeria, Chile, Ecuador, Georgia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Turkey.

If your country is not listed, please contact our export team.


Active ingredient(s)

Chlortetracycline (hydrochloride) ………………………………………………………20 mg/gr


Treatment of infections of superficial traumatic origin or surgical wounds caused by micro-organisms sensitive to chlortetracycline.
Adjuvant treatment of superficial infections of the hooves and skin, in particular interdigital dermatitis (foot rot) and digital dermatitis caused by micro-organisms sensitive to chlortetracycline.

Special precautions

Do not apply to the eyes. Protect the animal’s eyes when applied to areas near the head. Make sure the animal does not lick the affected area or treated areas of other animals.


Before application clean the affected area by removing necrotic tissues. Shake the container vigorously then spray the affected area for a few seconds , holding it 20 cm from the area (until the treatment area is evenly coloured). Repeat the treatment according to course and severity of the wounds.

Waiting time

Meat: 0 days

Milk: 0 days

Do not use the medicine on the udders of lactating animals if the milk is intended for



Container with 335 ml.

With veterinary prescription.

Registry no.: 0279 ESP