Our production sites

Biologicals production unit

Inaugurated in 2008, the production site dedicated to vaccines (viruses, bacteria, live or inactivated) covers more than 12,000 m2  in the heart of the León Technology Park. Its production capacity is 13.5 million units, or 675 million doses of vaccine. They are produced from live and inactivated strains and are of viral or bacterial origin, covering a fair number of diseases and intended for a wide range of animal production species.

The vaccine production plant consists of three modules:

R&D department

– Production of vaccine antigens

– Quality control

In the various technical sections, state-of-the-art equipment has been installed to guarantee the production of high-quality biological medicines.

These facilities make it possible to triple the production capacity, both for our own brands and for those manufactured for third parties.

Betalactamics production unit

In 2017, due to the reduced capacity of the old production site in the periphery of León, a new site was built in the León technologic area park, right next to the vaccine production plant.

This plant is entirely dedicated to the manufacture of pharmaceutical specialities incorporating active ingredients from the beta-lactam group.

It reflects Syva’s commitment to excellence and incorporates the latest technologies in the field of sterile manufacturing.

It enables to manufacture of more than 500 million doses per year, fully complying with the highest quality standards of the European Medicines Agency and countries such as Turkey.

Betaline is Syva Laboratories’ range of beta-lactam antibiotics.

It consists of 10 products in injectable, oral and intra-mammary forms. Each product has several presentations to adapt to market needs.

This range offers solutions to the main bacterial diseases of production animals through individualised treatments.

Betaline is completely in line with Syva Laboratories’ commitment to animal health and welfare, the work of veterinarians and the responsible use of antibiotics.

Pharmaceuticals production unit

In 1941, in this plant, began the production of serums and vaccines. In the following years, the company consolidated its position at a national level and began to lay the cornerstone for its international expansion.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the company’s foundation, a profound reform of the facilities was undertaken, which led to an increase in production and an expansion of the surface area to its current size.