Laboratorios Syva is launching the Betaline brand

Betaline is part of Laboratorios Syva’s commitment to animal health and welfare, vets’ work and the responsible use of antibiotics.

Betaline is the range of betalactam antibiotics from Laboratorios Syva. On the Spanish market it is comprised of ten injectable, oral and intramammary products.

Betaline offers solutions for the most important bacterial diseases in production animals via personalised treatments.

Laboratorios Syva has its own manufacturing floor entirely allocated for the production of betalactam antibiotics, which complies with the highest quality standards of the European Medicines Agency.

Betaline forms part of Laboratorios Syva’s commitment to animal health and wellbeing, the work of vets and responsible use of antibiotics, a challenge of vital importance both for animal and human health.

“Laboratorios Syva, specialists in the production of betalactam antibiotics”


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About Syva

Laboratorios Syva is a family pharmaceutical company founded in 1941 in León (Spain), dedicated exclusively to animal health through the development, production and marketing of vaccines and pharmaceutical specialities aimed at production animals.

The company is present in in Europe, Central and South America, North Africa and Asia with its own subsidiaries and an exclusive distribution network.

Our mission is to provide efficient solutions to continually improve animal health and value creation for the customer through the undertaking and capacity of our human team

Syva provides meaningful solutions for animal health




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