We are evolving to move forward together in the prevention and control of swine erysipelas

Did you know that…?

Did you know that according to several studies the bacteria Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae is found asymptomatically in 30-50% of apparently healthy pigs in both white and Iberian pigs1?

Did you know that swine erysipelas, is one of the 200 globally distributed zoonoses recognized by the WHO2? It is a disease transmissible from pigs to humans.

The swine erysipelas is a re-emerging disease that causes great economic losses.

What does it mean not to have a specific vaccination plan against erysipelas?

Not having a disease control plan means having less average daily weight gain, having worse feed conversion rates, keeping animals longer in feedlots. And it also causes more expenses in antibiotic medications and a higher risk of seizures.

Why is it important to vaccinate against erysipelas? Know the advantages!

Vaccinating against erysipelas helps prevent and control the disease.

Pigs vaccinated against erysipelas, both piglets and sows, have better zootechnical indexes compared to non-vaccinated animals. Thus, in the first case, piglets get a higher Average Daily Gain, a lower Conversion Index and a reduction of lameness, which justifies the economic return of vaccination. In breeding sows, the same thing happens: the weaning-oestrus interval is reduced and the farrowing rate, the number of total births and the number of live births increase.

Vaccinate contributes to the One Health movement, from Syva we promote an integrated approach to the health of people, animals and the environment.

At Syva we are specialists in the prevention and control of swine erysipelas

Why choose Syva to protect farms against swine erysipelas? Because we work with an R&D methodology based on continuous improvement to offer the most innovative and effective solutions in the prevention and control of the disease.

Our technical service has great experience in dealing with the disease, offers solutions based on previous diagnostics, adapting the protocols to the situation of each farm, of each client

In addition, we have our own biologicals manufacturing plant with the last generation technologies.

Discover Syvac Ery! 3

Syvac Ery is the new monovalent vaccine developed and accredited with Syva’s expertise to take a step forward in the prevention and control of swine erysipelas.

Thanks to its powerful adjuvant, it generates a higher immunity as it is more immunogenic.

As of today, September 1st, it is being sold in the Spanish market.

What are the main benefits of vaccinating against swine erysipelas?

  •  Syvac Ery prevents and controlsthe erysipelas disease in farms
  •  Syvac Ery provides a rapid and long-lastinghumoral and cellular immune response and incorporates more antigen per vaccine dose. It elicits a complete immune response with the new SE-9 strain.
  •  Vaccinating against erysipelas improves farm profitability

Vaccination protocol

A dose of 2 ml of Syvac Ery is administered intramuscularly to the neck muscles of pigs from 12 weeks of age according to the following pattern:

  •  Primary vaccination schedule: two single-dose intramuscular injections, separated by 4 weeks.
  •  Revaccination schedule: one intramuscular injection of one dose at least every 5 months.

It can be used for the vaccination of pregnant animals, however, if vaccination is carried out according to the primary vaccination schedule, administer the first dose before mating or insemination.

Do you need help to fight against erysipelas? Do you want to know more about Syvac Ery?

Contact us! We advise you!

About Syva

Laboratorios Syva is a family pharmaceutical company founded in 1941 in León (Spain), dedicated exclusively to animal health through the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical vaccines and specialties aimed at production animals.

The company is present in in Europe, Central and South America, North Africa and Asia with its own subsidiaries and an exclusive distribution network.

Our mission is to provide efficient solutions to continually improve animal health and value creation for the customer through the undertaking and capacity of our human team

For more information about Syva: https://syva.es/en


1 Erysipelas. Opriessnig, T., Coutinho, T. (2019) Chapter 53. Diseases of Swine 11th Edition
2 https://www.who.int/es/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/zoonoses
3 https://cimavet.aemps.es/cimavet/pdfs/es/ft/4002+ESP/FT_4002+ESP.pdf

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