Laboratorios Syva hands out the 23rd Syva Award for the best Doctoral Thesis in Animal Health

Dr Roberto Sánchez Sánchez, has won the 23rd Syva Award for best Doctoral Thesis in Animal Health worth €15,000.

Laboratorios Syva, in agreement with the University of León, provides this award to the best Doctoral Thesis on any aspect of Animal Health, and specifically on Microbiology, Immunology, Infectious or Parasitic Diseases in animals. It is an award that has been held annually since 1997, with the purpose of providing an incentive for the scientific training of university students.

The winning thesis, “Toxoplasmosis and neosporosis in domestic ruminants: normalization of animal models and evaluation of new drugs” was presented under the supervision of Drs Luis Miguel Ortega Mora, Ignacio Ferre Pérez and Michela Tatiana Re.

Dr Roberto Sánchez Sánchez is a vet who graduated from León University (2012) and was awarded a Doctorate “cum laude” from Madrid Complutense University, with a minor International Doctorate (2018). He is currently a post-doctorate researcher with the UCM’s SALUVET group and has a contract with the Technological Platform for Research into Animal Health (PLATESA) for the Community of Madrid.

The research topic tackled Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum, apicomplexan parasites responsible for reproductive failure in ovine-caprine livestock and bovine livestock, respectively. Moreover, T. gondii is a zoonotic agent with broad global distribution. Animal models are an essential tool to study the pathogeny of disease and to develop drugs and vaccines.

Currently, there are no effective drugs to treat these diseases in ruminants. The calcium dependent protein, kinase 1 (CDPK1), has recently been reported, against which a group of drugs known as “Bumped Kinase Inhibitors” (BKIs) have been developed with promising results.

The aim of the thesis was to normalize expectant ovine models with T. gondii and N. caninum infection and, using these, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of BKIs. The thesis results comprise an essential proof of concept to reveal the usefulness of these compounds in monitoring both diseases in domestic ruminants.

The Selection Board was chaired by Dr César B. Gutiérrez Martín (ULE), and comprised of Doctors Ricardo de la Fuente López (UCM), Javier Lucientes Curdi (Unizar) and Rosario Bullido Gómez de las Heras (AEMPS). Furthermore, Dr Mª Luisa de Arriba Martín, from Laboratorios Syva.

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Find out the winner of the 23rd edition of the Syva Award!
César Carnicer, Director General of Syva, Dr. Roberto Sánchez Sánchez, from Madrid Complutense University and Luisa de Arriba Martín, from Laboratorios Syva

Dr. Roberto Sánchez Sánchez, from Madrid Complutense University

Dr. Roberto Sánchez Sánchez, from Madrid Complutense University



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