We seek partnerships to develop new products and services

Are you a member of the academic world, a start-up or a spin-off and you are looking for a partner to develop and implement your project?

Efforts to find solutions to complex problems in the animal health industry have increased significantly and require collaboration between companies and external partners. At Syva we are looking to establish strong and reliable partnerships to solve demanding challenges in livestock disease control. Our areas of interest range from new vaccine and pharmaceutical prototypes, to services, digital applications, delivery platforms, efficient protein expression systems, relevant challenge models, large scale sequencing as a diagnostic tool, up- & downstream technologies to refine current development processes and much more.

If your research covers any of these areas, do not hesitate to contact us for more information 

In the field of vaccines, we are more specifically interested in respiratory and enteric diseases affecting livestock*:

  • Innovative vaccine prototypes
  • New generation adjuvants and excipients
  • Alternative dispensing systems
  • Alternative dispensing systems
  • Proof of concept studies completed demonstrating safety and efficacy
  • Availability of epidemiologically relevant viral and bacterial strains: experience in their growth in vitro and improved inactivation methods if required
  • Established and reliable challenge models
  • Technologies up- & downstream to improve current development processes
  • Large-scale sequencing as a diagnostic tool
  • Development of trials that add value to all of the above

* Although other species would be considered