Our history

We are conscious of our role in society, and are proud to be able to contribute to a sustainable food system. We ensure the health and wellbeing of livestock animals and provide solutions for veterinarians and farmers in order to prevent and treat diseases in livestock.

Syva is a family-owned pharmaceutical company that was established in 1941. We work exclusively in animal health, particularly for livestock animals (pigs and ruminants).

We have 250 employees working at our headquarters in León (Castilla y León, Spain). The city is home to the third-largest pharmaceutical hub in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. We have 3 manufacturing plants, one dedicated to the production of vaccines, another to antimicrobials and another to proprietary medicines.

In addition to the Spanish market, Syva also serves the international market through its two subsidiaries, one in Portugal and another in Mexico. We also have distributors in more than 100 countries around the world.

Syva’s future work will follow two main paths: furthering our innovations in the field of vaccines, and increasing the number of registered products on key markets, including Europe. Using our expertise in vaccine production, we want to investigate further and expand into new markets.

For this purpose, we are building on our R&D capacities, recruiting experts in the field of vaccine development, and increasing our collaborations and partnerships that support and accelerate innovation.