Our history

Since it was created in 1941, Syva has been committed to research opportunities and scientific development to innovate and deliver efficient solutions for the animal health sector. Its ability to adapt drives its growth strategy and the maintenance of state-of-the-art bioengineering and manufacturing facilities to produce vaccines, first-line anti-infectives and other essential medicines for animal health and welfare.

Syva is present in about 70 countries around the world, through its 4 subsidiaries located in Portugal, Mexico, and Turkey, and most recently, in 2023, in the Philippines, as well as through an extensive network of local distributors.

The company has its headquarters in León, which is the third largest pharmaceutical hub in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, and has 3 production plants o which, one is specifically dedicated to the manufacturing of vaccines and another to beta-lactams production. Syva has a workforce of 280 people, most of them young and highly qualified, and 54% are women. More than 30 people work in the R&D department.

Thanks to regular investments over the years, Syva is well equiped with ultimate generation and State-of-the-art facilities and ensures that all phases of the development and production of its veterinary medicines are in line with best practices This is achieved primarily by researching and analysing development opportunities within its R&D department. As a result, in March 2023, Syva signed a major collaboration agreement in the field of Single Domain Antibodies, reaffirming its commitment to invest in new technologies with the aim of continuing to grow and improve its attractiveness, and opening new horizons in the development of specific biotherapeutic solutions for both the livestock and companion animal sectors.

Syva is committed to promoting scientific research and, in addition to awarding the Syva Prize for the best doctoral thesis in animal health for more than 26 years, it has been collaborating regularly and continuously with different prestigious scientific and university institutions, both in Spain and abroad.

Furthermore, in addition to its corporate responsibility and its desire to adapt to the current and future animal health needs of its customers, Syva intends to assume its commitment to society and all its efforts are always driven by the desire to protect the human-animal-environmental ecosystem, in accordance with the essential principles of Onehealth. To this end, among other things, Syva endorses the principles of the responsible use of antibiotics and continuously ensures that its activities are in line with sustainable development and respect for environmental protection standards, by making strategic choices and achieving appropriate investments.

In all its decisions, Syva takes care to preserve the company’s character and human dimension.