Syva Webinar: Clostridiosis in Cattle Livestock

Laboratorios Syva invites you to take part in the webinars on 14th and 16th September that we are organising on Clostridiosis in cattle livestock

Register free of charge at the following link!:

# Webinar 1

14th September: Valentín Pérez

Clostridiosis Diagnosis in Cattle Livestock: Lesions

#Webinar 2

16th September: Víctor Fernández

Clostridial Diseases: Controversial Diagnosis

The first seminar will review the most important macroscopic lesions associated with infections by different species of bacteria from the Clostridium genus that affect bovine. It will focus on diagnosis via the study of lesions detected in autopsies and that may provide guidance on a clostridial process in different systems.

The second seminar will deal with clinical diagnosis in the field, together with laboratory diagnosis to try and clarify queries, avoid the most common errors and thereby be able to make a correct diagnosis, which is not always easy.\

Register free of charge at the following link!:

(You only need to formally register to attend both webinars)

Registration for the planned format is limited.

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