Covid-19 – Look after your health!

Our company, which has traditionally put the health and safety of it workers and colleagues at the forefront of its daily decisions, could not NOT react to the Covid pandemic. Due to the crisis, our health and hygiene rules have had to be strengthened to guarantee the protection of all workers and ensure that our essential activity of contributing to animal health and welfare was not interrupted. For this reason, a committee was set up before the state of alarm was implemented in Spain that regularly monitors the development of the situation and sets out the next steps to follow.

Our tool was the inhouse action protocol and contingency plan on Covid, where we gather together all the rules and measures carried out. Some of these measures apply to both our sales team, so as to also protect the health of our customers, and to our visitors we cannot see remotely. If you plan to visit Syva, please consult the rules to follow on your arrival.

As part of our measures, we have increased the number of hand disinfectant points, broadened the cases where the use of a mask is necessary and we encourage social distancing at work. Furthermore, we have made a few physical changes to reduce exposure in the most critical posts.

Together we will beat this disease

For further information:

Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare – Professionals – New coronavirus disease, COVID-19


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