New tool for controlling erysipelas and PPV: Syvac® Ery Parvo

With the European launch of Syvac® Ery Parvo, the new tool for controlling swine erysipelas and PPV, we are reaffirming our commitment to preventing swine diseases.

Because every farm is unique, it needs individualised protocols for swine erysipela and PPV control.

Failing to control erysipelas and PPV throughout a sow’s life can lead to a host of problems that are difficult to control and have a direct impact on production.

With the launch of Syvac® Ery Parvo in addition to the existing range (Syvac® Ery and Synparv®), vets now have a complete preventive arsenal with which to tailor vaccination programmes for breeding females according to their cycle and immune status.

The new Syvac® Ery Parvo vaccine is available in 50 ml vials (25 doses).

Our technical department is at your disposal to help you design your personalised vaccination protocols.


Tel. +34 987 800 800

Technical services for swines :

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