Syva Award: let’s a tour through the history of this prestigious prize!

The call for submissions for the 25th edition of the Syva Award will close on 20 February at midnight.

Before this closing, we invite you to take a leap in time and in our library, to discover the posters that have illustrated the Syva Award during its 25 years of existence... But above all, to remember the names of thewinners, the title of their thesis, the names of the universities and of those who, within the research teams, supported them during all these years of research.

This leap back in time is also a tributeto all those who have made and continue to make health sciences in general and veterinary sciences, evolve. It is a mark of gratitude to all those who are driven by the constant desire to improve animal health and welfare, and beyond that, the health and welfare of humans and the entire planet.

For all future generations, for all the seeds of scientists, it is an encouragement to commit to the evolution of research and life sciences.

In the meantime, the suspense remains… who will win this 25th edition of the Syva Award?

If you have submitted your thesis during the academic year 2020-2021, submit your application! All the documents and information are at your disposal here!

Are you still hesitating? Then browse with us the list of those who did it, who dared to do it and who won, and don’t hesitate to fill in the form here.

We hope you enjoy this exploration in time and in the evolution of our poster designs.

Note: If you recognise yourself in the list of winners of previous editions of the Syva Award, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in this form to share your experience, we will be delighted to receive your testimony and your memories of past winners.


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