Connecting with our customers!

In the last few months we have organized several of our own digital events to stay connected with our customers given the impossibility of meeting in person.

​​​​​​​We are very satisfied with the level of participation obtained in our pig and bovine webinars. In total, we have reached 839 people from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, and have been connected live to as much as 52% of the audience. Furthermore, the value of accessing content on a deferred basis, viewing after the event, exceed the number of registrations, which confirms the interest and relevance of speakers’ content.

Among the evaluations received by attendees, the high level satisfaction in regard to the quality of content, the high degree of interactivity of the platform and technical support, the specialization of speakers on the topics broached and their willingness to take part again in this kind of event with us are all worthy of mention.

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