Syva collaborates in the 53rd edition of SEPOR

On 26th and 29th October, we collaborated with SEPOR, the feria livestock, industrial and agri-food fair.

Although the 53rd edition was held in Lorca, all the content was adapted to a ‘virtual setting’ as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. This meant that interested parties could follow its scientific, technical and commercial programme from anywhere in the world.

Of the various and interesting talks that took place, we highlight the talk by our swine technician, Álvaro Aguarón, who tackled the problem of swine erysipelas in white pigs under the title “Red on white”.

Álvaro clearly and concisely explained that red disease is, apart from a disease that afflicts pigs, a public health problem and a professional responsibility. Major importance is given to control strategies such as vaccination.

Once again, thank you for having taken part in this fair. We did not want to let the professionals down, giving a clear example of reinvention during this crisis.

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Official SEPOR Programme 2020

Video of our swine technician, Álvaro Aguarón: “Red on white”


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