We are celebrating the European Day for the Responsible Use of Antibiotics

The aim of this European Day for the Responsible Use of Antibiotics is to raise awareness of the risks associated with the incorrect use of antimicrobials and encourage responsible consumption of antibiotics, both for human and, animal health, to prevent the onset and development of antibiotic resistance.

Today, on 18th November, we are holding the European Day for the Careful Use of Antibiotics – an initiative encouraged by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (EDPC).

Awareness of the importance of careful use is raised via the communication, education and training of human and veterinary healthcare professionals responsible for public bodies, members of scientific societies, universities and society in general.

At Syva, with our “Syvaction” campaign, we promote our commitment to the responsible use of antibiotics. We opt for prevention, diagnosis and disease control via the development of specific vaccines and treatments.

Moreover, we support the work of vets facing this challenge and encourage an integrated collaborative approach such as “One Health” because there is a very close link between human, animal and environmental health.

As of 2020, the Executive Committee for the Tripartite Alliance* has decided that every year the “Global awareness week for the use of antimicrobials” will be held from 18th to 24th November with the slogan “Antimicrobials: Handle Them with Care”. The aim is to broaden the scope of the campaign against antibiotic resistance to antimicrobials in general.

*Tripartite Alliance = United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) + World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) + World Health Organization (WHO)

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