Syva is now an official member of AnimalhealthEurope!

AnimalhealthEurope is the association that representsanimal medicine manufacturers , vaccines and other animal health products in Europe.

This is a non-profit institution that represents both corporate members and national animal health associations in Europe.

Members of AnimalhealthEurope cover 90% of the European animal health products market.

The association aims to highlight the importance of pet and livestock animal health and to demonstrate the reliability and value of our solutions for society. By guaranteeing the immediate availability of animal health products all over Europe, we can help to optimize health management, whilst also contributing to the sustainability of food production. We also keep the pets that share our homes disease-free.

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13 February, 2022

Syva Award: let’s a tour through the history of this prestigious prize!

Before the deadline for submission, we invite you to take a leap back in time with us and go into our library to discover the posters that have illustrated the Syva Award during its 25 years and to remember the names of the winners, the universities and those who, within the research teams, have supported them during all these...

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12 January, 2022

The 25th edition of the prestigious Syva Award is launched! We look forward to receiving your applications!

Indeed, it has been 25 years since this great initiative, this exciting scientific adventure, began. 25 years since Syva, beyond her mission during 80 years of existence, committed to strengthening her commitment to science, research and development by supporting young scientists who dedicate themselves to a career serving the cause of animal health and welfare.

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29 November, 2021

Having a good communication is a key role for animal health companies

On Thursday 25th, the annual conference of the Vet+I Foundation, the benchmark technology platform in animal health, an initiative that brings together all private companies and institutions in the animal health sector to work on projects for the development of emerging technologies, was held in Madrid. Numerous company executives and personalities from the sector were invited, including our General...

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