We collaborated another year with the UAB and AVPC Pig Days.

The 22nd Barcelona Autonomous University (UAB) Pig Days, organized by the Catalonia Pig Vets Association (AVPC) and targeted at vets who are specialists in everything related to pig production, were held in Barcelona on 29th-31st January 2020.

A historic maximum attendance at this event was achieved over these 3 days with more than 350 specialist vets in the sector.

Interesting workshops took place on ultrasound and laboratory diagnoses, in addition to other sessions on the costs of diseases in pig culture, with an exhaustive review of pathological anatomy concepts given by Dr. Quim Segalés.

Throughout the second day, there were general talks given on animal production and animal rights groups, together with much more specific topics on how to tackle the current problem in breeding piglets with the impact on reduced use of nasal and intestinal microbiota antibiotics. The morning closed with a round table debate.

In the afternoon, one of the most important sessions attended over these days took place – case studies presented by pig clinicians, where Syva, for yet another year, was present with our technician Álvaro Aguarón. “The non-case case” title caught the attention of the numerous members of the public in attendance with the staging of a scientific monologue where, through a combination of humour and science, he explained how epidemiology can help to monitor and understand such important pathological processes today, such as polyserositis in piglets.

The final day was dedicated to practical works carried out in UAB/CReSA.

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