The first international jury in the history of the Syva Prize has chosen the 3 winning theses of the 27th edition.

Syva goes one step further in its commitment to the protection of the environment

Azucena Mora, winner of the Syva Award 2003, achieves the highest academic level

Interview with Inés Ruedas, winner of the Syva Award 2023 – Tierras Porcino

SYVA announces its partnership with the biotech SMIVET for the development of SDA [SDA]

The earthquake in Turkey affected Syva’s collaborators

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

Visit of the Secretary General of AnimalHealthEurope in León

World Buiatrics Congress 2022

Syva Award: let’s a tour through the history of this prestigious prize!

The 25th edition of the prestigious Syva Award is launched! We look forward to receiving your applications!

Having a good communication is a key role for animal health companies

Vaccination for control and prevention of anthrax outbreaks

A step forward in the fight against swine erysipelas

It’s time for us to take a break

We are sponsoring the OVIFOTO 2021 Woman Prize!

César Carnicer, Alejandro Pascual and Louisa de Arriba

Congratulations Alejandro!

Veterinarians are essential to society!

For once, let us talk about business!

SYVA AWARD 2021 : the jury has chosen our winner!

On 24th March and 7th April Syva is sponsoring two webinars on cattle necropsies

Animal Health Innovation Europe

Animal Health Innovation Europe Forum 2021

The 24th edition of the Syva Award has been officially launched!

Happy 3 King’s Day to all!

Happy 3 King’s Day to all!

Congratulations to the winners of the Christmas card contest!

International Animal Rights Day

We are celebrating the European Day for the Responsible Use of Antibiotics

Syva collaborates in the 53rd edition of SEPOR

Today we celebrate the International science day

We invite you to take part in the 7th ANAVEPOR Conference!

Connecting with our customers!

We wish all vets a happy San Francisco de Asís day!

Find out the winner of the 23rd edition of the Syva Award!

Find out the winner of the 23rd edition of the Syva Award!

Discover Betaline!

We successfully held our webinar for cow vets!

Syva Webinar: Clostridiosis in Cattle Livestock

Covid-19 – Look after your health!

We are launching Syvazul BTV, a vaccine for the bluetongue virus


Today is Global Vets Days.

Postponement of the Syva Award Decision 2020.

Commitment to society in the fight against Covid-19

Animal Health Investment Europe in London

We collaborated another year with the UAB and AVPC Pig Days.